sampling rate -- ESTERM

sampling rate In figure b, the traces of the measured raw opacity signal, and of the unfiltered and filtered light absorption coefficients (k-value) of the first load step of an ELR-Test are shown, and the maximum value Ymax1,A (peak) of the filtered k trace is indicated. Correspondingly, table C contains the numerical values of index i, time (sampling rate of 150 Hz), raw opacity, unfiltered k and filtered k. Filtering was conducted using the constants of the Bessel algorithm designed in section 2.2 of this Annex. (T50285) võttesagedus
DE: Abtastfrequenz (T50285) FI: näytteenottotaajuus (T50285)
Valdkond: CHE -- laboratory engineering; ELA -- telecommunications technology (sn: transmitters and receivers; rf: telecommunications - signalling - postal services, see: OO); CH8 -- organic chemistry; IC8 -- glass - enamel; TRE -- transport safety; JU71 -- sources of international public law
sampling rate Each NCB shall choose the most appropriate allocation of the national sample size n among the strata. Hence each NCB shall define the sampling rate nh/Nh for each stratum h, i.e. how many reporting agents nh shall be drawn from the total of credit institutions and other institutions Nh in each stratum. (T60711) valikusuhe (EKSPERT)
DE: Auswahlsatz (T60711) FI: otantasuhte (T60711)
Valdkond: MA12 -- mathematical theories; ST4 -- theory & method; ECB -- prices & costs - accountancy & debiting - cost-benefit analysis; TR56 -- motor vehicle maintenance (rf: motor vehicle industry, see: INT1); TRE -- transport safety; JU71 -- sources of international public law